Now in its third generation as a family-owned business,
the firm known today as Sheldon Surveying, LLC has been operating 
under the Sheldon name since 1951. Its history may be traced back 
to 1895 when Robert H. Gamble formed a company for the practice of 
land surveying and civil engineering.
 	Around the turn of the 20th century, Mr. Gamble acquired a 
partner, Charles R. Gordon, and the company became known
as Gamble Gordon Engineering Company.
	In the early 1940s, the business was purchased by Donald
Kephart, a professional surveyor and employee of Gamble and Gordon. 
For a time, Mr. Kephart continued to operate under the Gamble and 
Gordon name, subsequently changing it to Donald R. Kephart, Surveyor.	 

    Shortly after Mr. Kephart’s death in 1951, the business, along
with all its accumulated records, was purchased by Robert C. Sheldon,
a professional engineer and licensed surveyor.  

	In 1955 he was joined in the business by two of his sons,
James and Thomas. Upon his retirement from active practice in 1959,
he sold the business to the sons. James D. Sheldon and Thomas L. Sheldon, 
both professional engineers and licensed surveyors, continued the 
practice under the name Sheldon Engineering, a partnership, until 1964
when James left to pursue a career in government service.

	Thomas Sheldon incorporated the business in 1972 as Sheldon and 
Associates, Inc.

	Norman Redick, P.E., P.S., became associated with the firm 
about that time and, upon the death of Thomas in 1982, continued the 
operation of the practice. Mr. Redick left the firm in January of 1991 
to assume the position of District Deputy Director of Transportation 
for District One of the Ohio Department of Transportation.

	In September, 1985, James Sheldon retired from government service 
and returned to Lima where he established James D. Sheldon, P.E., Inc., 
a private engineering practice maintained from the offices of Sheldon
and Associates.

	Mr. Sheldon acquired the assets of Sheldon and Associates upon the
departure of Mr. Redick and expanded his practice to include surveying
as well as civil and sanitary engineering.

	In July, 1992, Mr. Sheldon transferred the engineering and 
surveying activities of J. D. Sheldon, P.E., Inc. to 
Sheldon Engineering Surveying, Inc.
	Upon Mr. Sheldon's retirement from active practice in October 2006,
the records were acquired by Sara Sheldon Morrisey, P. S., who, is the
granddaughter of Robert C. Sheldon and the daughter of Thomas L. Sheldon,
now becomes the third Sheldon generation to operate the business.